Kuo Jian Hong

Ms Kuo Jian Hong
Artistic Director, The Theatre Practice

Artistic Director of The Theatre Practice (Practice), award-winning theatre director, lighting and set designer, and independent filmmaker, Kuo Jian Hong has always taken on multi-faceted roles within the arts.

Jian Hong’s artistic vision encompasses the broad spectrum of Practice’s artistic output, which transcends themes, genres and forms. She is best known for being a pioneer in the Chinese language musical theatre genre with beloved works like If There’re Seasons…, Lao Jiu: The Musical and Liao Zhai Rocks! Her experimental ventures include I came at last to the seas, where she led a team of international artists in the first-ever full commission by a Singaporean theatre company for the Esplanade Theatre by Huayi Chinese Festival of Arts. Meanwhile, her advocacy for the development of theatre for young audiences has led her to create award-winning works such as The wee Question Mark series and three-part initiative: The Nursery Rhymes Project.

As a veteran arts practitioner, Jian Hong is active in developing the cultural landscape of Singapore. Under her direction, Practice continues to be a vital voice in the local arts scene, while charging ahead in its mission to always be a voice for the underdog.