Kevin Lim

Dr Kevin Lim
Deputy Director, Co:Lab X,
National Gallery Singapore

As a “cyberculturalist”, Kevin Lim (PhD) studies the co-evolution of network and culture. He is interested in ways to promote creative economies, by helping people understand how the participatory and self-governing aspects of social computing generates new forms of social, economic and legal affordances. Transitioning from an academic to a social enterprise, he resonated with the aspirations of National Gallery Singapore since pre-opening days, which is why he has spent the last nine years evolving across diverse roles at the Gallery, from Visitor Experience, to Corporate Planning, to his latest venture at CoLab X, an innovation provocateur role at the Gallery. Operating CoLabX for the past three years, luck truly is a combination of preparation and opportunity as little did he expect to receive support to launch a museum innovation lab at the Gallery slated for 2020, where numerous domains are saturated by startups, ArtTech remains as vast as blue ocean especially for the Southeast Asian region. By promoting this cause, we not only discover museum-centric applications of new technology by local startups, but live up to the ambition to establish Singapore as a thought-leader, and facilitator, of a vibrant art ecosystem for the region. Finally, the Gallery’s innovation lab would serve as a dynamic space to engage non-native museum visitors, introducing a new accessible channel for aspiring young and adult citizens to engage with art.