Ms Lian Pek
Vice President, Group Strategic Communications and Brand, Singtel

As Vice President of Group Strategic Communications and Brand, Lian Pek is responsible for the messaging and branding of the Singtel Group given its strategy and goals. She oversees Singtel’s crisis communications management, providing strategic counsel to senior and top management on critical communication issues. As the Group’s brand custodian, she’s responsible for creating brand equity and protecting Singtel’s brand values. Besides responsibility for Singtel’s branding campaigns, her role involves maintaining a consistent brand architecture across the Group’s numerous business units. She also assesses and is in charge of sponsorships and donations that align with Singtel brand values.  

Prior to Singtel, Lian was Senior Vice President at Mediacorp Pte Ltd where she was Chief Editor of Channel News Asia International, setting editorial agenda and overseeing production. Lian is a broadcast news veteran, having worked for international news agencies such as Bloomberg and CNN where she was the first Singaporean anchor hired by the American news network. Beyond news, Lian helmed Journey Pictures Pte Ltd where she produced long form current affairs and documentary content for the likes of Discovery, History, Aljazeera, NHK. She started her career at Mediacorp after winning a scholarship to read English at the National University of Singapore. She holds a Master of Arts in Theatre from Goldsmiths, University of London.

Lian serves as a member of the Singapore Media Literacy Council and was a board member of the National Arts Council from 2013 to 2015. She’s also served on the Singapore 50 Committee and the marketing and destination working committee of the National Gallery of Singapore. She was a long-serving member of Action Theatre.